If you’re looking to trek, hike or travel in Nepal, We welcome you to join Real Travel Nepal.

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If you’re looking to trek, hike or travel in Nepal, then you only need to type these buzzwords into Google or walk the streets of Kathmandu to find an endless number of tour and trek travel companies.

You could choose any of these companies to take you to the Himalayan mountains or show you around Kathmandu and you’ll have a pretty decent experience. Or are you looking for something different? Do you want to truly connect with local Nepali people and immerse yourself in their lifestyles and culture while you travel?

Do you want to trek knowing that your hard-earned money is helping poverty-stricken children and vulnerable women receive basic education and rebuild their lives? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Real Travel Nepal was founded in 2006 to create real, authentic experiences in Nepal for travellers and trekkers around the world who also wanted to give back to the local communities through ethical trekking or combining volunteering with travelling.

Real Travel Nepal not only offers the most popular and wide range of hiking, trekking, peak climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting, and various trekking programs but also offering the opportunity to volunteer with programs working in schools, health programs, disability centres, construction, women’s programs and many more before, during or after your trek.

At Real Travel Nepal, we want you to see what your money is funding and to spend time visiting our local projects and with the local Nepali people that you are supporting. Over the past few years, we have been providing food, clothing, and educational sponsorship to more than 50 orphan children.

Through our women’s development project, 30 women in Kathmandu are currently receiving day to day literacy and language classes along with skill training.

We are proud to have been running a disabled centre with a capacity of 25 children that provides services such as special education, physiotherapy and speech therapy. Along with our own health centres, we have affiliation with several hospitals throughout Nepal.

Our Social Responsibility

Want to know more about Nepali culture, language and the local way of life in Nepal?

We got you covered here too!

Our sister program Volunteer Society Nepal offers a one-week introduction program where you will have ‘Survival Nepali’ language lessons, stay in a local homestay and be guided around all the incredible world heritage sites in Kathmandu before you go on your adventure.

This is a great way to be able to communicate with the locals when trekking, deal with any culture shock you may experience and have an understanding of Nepali culture, the caste system and the way they live.

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