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Nepali cooking course & Cooking classes in Kathmandu

Nepali foods are very rich in culture and flavors. Looking at the vast tourist interest in the local delicacies and the count of their visit every year, organization offers Nepali cooking course and invite interested to learn about Nepali cuisine. Here we provide Nepali cooking lessons to the enrolled tourists along with Nepali language learning classes as well.

There are various Nepali cooking course packages which depend on the number of days the tourist wants to attend the classes which ranges from a days to several weeks. The programs include two sessions of cooking classes per day, morning class and evening class. There is one hour of compulsory Nepali language everyday too where you familiar with the Nepali name of different spices, cooking preparation and dishes. Some popular Nepali cookery courses are listed here.

Price for Nepali cooking course

1.  A day cooking class – $20 per person
2. 1 night stay cooking course- $30 per person
3. 1 night stay cooking course with Kathmandu city tour program $ 80 per person
4. 2 night stay with cooking course and city tour $100 per person.

Given program cost includes transport, ingredients, spices, lunch or dinner, night stay in a standard room, breakfast etc. Main Nepali meal is Daal Bhat most of the people eat it each and every day, doesn’t matter either lunch or dinner with the slogan of Dal Bhat power 24 hours. Our Nepali cooking course, along with learning the recipes of some tasty and typical Nepali food, tourists also learn about the rich culture of Nepal which is entirely based on their past history and their tradition.

Some of world’s oldest and earliest civilization dwells here till date. Nepali cooking course center situated in a 2 km away from city center and provides Nepali cookery training learning by doing methodology in family environment. We teach some Nepali language too which prove to be very useful. Nepali cooking course in Kathmandu to learn tradition, not just food.


Day 1 :

You will be having the same food you cooked along with all the other people turned new friends, who are enrolled in that very batch and the trainers. You are even taken to the local markets or grocery stores to buy ingredients required for the food your about to prepare. Nepali cooking course is going popular day by day between tourists as an incredible experience during their stay in Kathmandu.

You will learn to make some famous Nepali dishes like Daal Bhat (rice, curry, lentil, pickles, mutton curry or chicken), Mo Mo (dumplings), Tibetan bread, Alu Paratha, Pakauda, Sel roti (Nepali Doughnut) and taste them. Our kitchen is under hygienic condition, all ingredients using in kitchen are organic, real food cooked well tastes better and good for health.

You can join a day program for four to six hours or you can join a night stay program which is highly recommended. If you interested for short or long term cooking course or interested to learn cooking specific Nepali meal then we provides a Nepali cuisine learning opportunity as per your interest contact us.

Sample of Menu for Nepali cooking class

Bhat (Cooked white rice)

Daal (Lentil soup)

Tarkari (Spiced vegetables)

Pickle (Achar)

Saag (Green leafs)

Chicken or mutton curry

Mansala tea

Mo Mo making (Optional)

Paratha bread making (Optional)

Chapati bread making (Optional)

Rice pudding (Optional)

Sel Roti (Special Nepali Doughnut optional)

Morning cooking class start from: 8:30 to 11:30 AM

Evening cooking class start from: 4:30 to 7:30 PM
If you need long term cooking course, would like to stay in remote village with local family learning and helping them, then write us, we are here find your right host to gain lifetime experience.

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