Family Tour

Family Tour is for children, to visit a country different from theirs brings a lot of new ideas and views of the world. They learn what another part of the world looks like, with all its challenges. But they will also learn how people are no different from them. Real Journey Nepal offers a family volunteering program. This program is a great way for families to experience Nepal and get closer to local communities.

Safe Family Volunteering with a Family

We can provide a safe and secure experience that provides to families with kids of all ages and tastes. We have homestays, hotels that can provide your family with a place to live together with plenty of space and privacy. The Nepalese love children and will love to play and take care of them. Your children will also learn the importance of community and compassion. Real Journey Nepal family Tour gives you the opportunity to dive deep into foreign cultures, enrich your family, strengthen your bonds and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Day 1 :
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