Two Week – Language and Culture Course

Join our weekly in-depth Nepali language and culture program

Real Journey Nepal offers a special Two Week Language and Culture Homestay Package. With this package, you will be picked up from the airport and you will be brought to your host family. Here you will be staying with one or two other guests from a Nepali family. With your new family, you will hang out and eat together in the mornings and evenings.

The Program

During your first week, you will receive language training in the morning and together with a guide, you will be going to all the special heritage sites of Kathmandu in the afternoon. At the weekend you have time to explore the area by yourself or with your newly made friends and family. During your second week, you will be receiving Nepali language classes in both morning and afternoon time.

For Who?

Join this in-depth program to delve deeper into the culture & lifestyle of Nepal. Within two weeks you will receive cultural immersion and exposure to the local language and local ways of life. The program is ideal for people who want to get a head start but also want to learn more about the Nepali language. For example, if they are going to stay in Nepal for a longer time or will be working, volunteering or doing an internship here.

Special offer: 550 euros for two weeks! You can reserve and start your program any time and day of the year!

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