Manual Work/ Construction

Volunteer in a construction placement with Volunteer Society Nepal to overcome the desperate lack of infrastructure in Nepali schools, orphanages and villages

Most of the schools in rural Nepal consist of four wooden poles supporting a thatched roof. They have no blackboard, no desks, few books, open toilets, no proper classrooms, no playgrounds, no libraries, and not even drinking water

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) places international volunteers in the areas most in need of help to construct or repair necessary buildings. These projects are usually funded by local communities and/or volunteer contributions, and may include building or repairs on bathrooms, toilets, classrooms, orphanage buildings and health clinics.

How do volunteers help?

Often volunteers will work alongside experts from the local community, learning about traditional methods of building and working. Volunteers do not need any specific skills or knowledge about construction, as they will mainly be doing unskilled work such as digging, mixing sand and cement, carrying rocks, sand and bricks, fetching water, and painting. However if they do have experience it will be greatly appreciated and put to good use depending on their skills.

Individual construction programs last between one and three weeks. Volunteer Society Nepal will arrange the location and logistical support, including food and accommodation, training, etc.

After completion of the construction project, volunteers who wish to stay for longer periods may participate in our other volunteer programs e.g. teaching in schools, health, community education and environment programs or working in orphanages.

Do I need any specific qualifications or skills for this placement

You do not need any specific skills for this placement but must be willing to muck in and get a bit dirty! If you are qualified in this area then we would love to hear from you, and your experience will be highly valued.

Help is also required in plumbing, painting and decorating, providing drinking water, gardening or creating playgrounds and sports fields. As a volunteer in the Construction Program you will work as part of a volunteer team, so this placement is perfect for a group that want to work together.

As the situation on the ground changes constantly, we ask that volunteers be flexible and adaptable when applying for this program. A positive attitude, good physical fitness, and willingness to muck in as and where needed are important.

Experience in Nepal

The founding principle of Volunteer Society Nepal is knowing we could get more money going to where it is needed most.

Real Journey Nepal is a locally owned and managed non-governmental, social development organization which aims to support the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Nepal. We are a small organization, with no international organizational umbrella. This means that all the volunteer fees and funding are lower than many other organizations. The fees are invested directly into Nepal. Volunteering at Real Journey Nepal is not free, as we are partly reliant on volunteers’ fees to fund our projects. We are thankful to those who have been supporting us by taking part in our programs over the years. It is these volunteers that have been enabling us to make such massive changes to the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged women and children.

Fees May 2023

Please Note: – A Reservation Fee of euro 100 is charged on top of the program fee.

Cost Includes

  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Food and accommodation from the moment of landing at the airport to the final day of your placement
  • In-depth cultural and language training
  • Guided sightseeing in Kathmandu
  • Fully trained host families
  • 24hr availability of VSN Nepal staff for emergencies
  • Assistance with visas and pre-departure support
  • Fundraising support
  • Support in booking any further travel in Nepal

Cost Excludes

  • Visa fee
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Sundries such as personal items, extra beverages and entertainment. A weekly budget of up to 25 should be sufficient to cater for our all your other expenses like a bottle of water, daily snacks, personal items and beverages etc.
  • Domestic flight costs
  • Transportation costs for the volunteers who want to work outside the Kathmandu Valley
  • Entrance fees to the main cultural and Heritage sites, Museums and Others.
  • If you wish to work for more than one location, then you are required to pay €40 extra to cover our extra logistic work and transportation costs.
  • Construction materials when you do any construction work, for example, paints, brushes etc.
Frequently Asked Questions

If you are energetic, motivated and wish to provide a helping hand to needy children, youth, and community people, your initial interest in volunteering in Nepal will quickly be followed by a number of questions and doubts. We hope to answer most of these initial questions in this prospectus. We assure you, volunteering in Nepal through Real Journey Nepal is an investment for life and one that will impact all the decisions you make in the future. Our goals, education, peace, understanding, and true sustainable development, are reflected in our ethos as well as our low fees. Helping those in need is a job bigger than one country, so we invite all volunteers to join us in our efforts: Can you afford not to give your mind and body for a relatively short time in exchange for limitless life-changing experiences?

What is the volunteer program duration?

Real Journey Nepal provides programs from two weeks to ten months.

How soon can I start volunteering in Nepal?

You can start as soon as you like, but it is far better if you confirm that you are coming at least two weeks before you arrive in Nepal. This allows us time to prepare necessary accommodations, training and placement.

Can I schedule my own volunteer service for the dates that interest me?

Real Journey Nepal is very flexible on when volunteers can start the program, and it’s possible to start any day of the year. It just depends on your availability.

Can I volunteer in Nepal with a friend or be placed near other volunteers?

Real Journey Nepal welcomes individuals, couples, families, small and large groups, students and experts, as well as senior and young professionals. We have placed 15 health volunteers in one village before and often get requests from smaller groups too. We will do everything we can to place people together if that is what you would like. For groups of 4 or more, please contact us directly to discuss options.

Do you work with schools and societies abroad?

We are always looking to develop ongoing relationships with organizations and schools abroad. The chance to set up cultural exchanges is a great way of developing understanding from both sides. If you are interested then please contact Us by email directly

What personality characteristics are Real Journey Nepal looking for?

If you are enthusiastic, initiative taking and motivated to help needy people, especially school children, youth and women, you are perfect and exactly what we are looking for.

Do I need specific skills and past experience to volunteer in Nepal?

No, but if you do have some then we can find a placement that will put them to good use. For legal experience we can get you advising women on their legal rights, for subject specific teaching we can get you teaching direct or teaching teachers, or for health expertise we have a range of placements to suit your level. We also organize sufficient in-country training programs for all selected volunteers to enable them to work effectively with target groups.

Are Real Journey Nepal’s programs only for international volunteers?

No, not at all. We recruit local Nepali people to work alongside our overseas volunteers as their counterparts. This gives them a chance to work with foreign/English speaking people and gives them valuable exposure to other cultures.

Do I need to speak English to become a volunteer in Nepal?

It is important that you speak some English, but it is perfectly acceptable if you speak English as your second language. When you arrive in Nepal you will be placed into a training program that includes an intensive language course on basic Nepali phrases that you may need while volunteering which will also help you settle in.

Do I have to be from a certain country to volunteer in Nepal?

No, you can come and volunteer with us from any country. The majority of our volunteers come from the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. In the year 2007, we had volunteers from more than 21 different countries.

Why do I need to pay to volunteer in Nepal?

Real Journey Nepal tries to keep costs as low as possible. Real Journey volunteering programs in Nepal are the most affordable in Nepal. Volunteers have to pay for their food and accommodation, training, sponsoring Nepali children, the costs for their Nepali counterparts, and travel; all of which is included in the overall fee. For a detailed look at what your money pays for please look at our What’s Included page.

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