School Educational Excursion

Whether you are looking to arrange a Educational Excursion Trip for school students, we have experience of tailoring Educational Excursion Trips for between 5 and 25 students.

Since it began offering safe and inexpensive volunteer vacations a dozen years ago, Real Journey has earned a reputation as one of the most respected organizations promoting sustainable development. Although the idea of volunteering has always been well-liked, more and more school children are expressing a desire to take part in something worthwhile recently. Now that the educational system has changed, learning doesn’t solely revolve around textbooks and in-class courses. Nobody now can dispute the relevance and significance of experience learning, and what could be better than an international Educational Excursion trip?

The students would be able to collaborate better, broaden the breadth of peer learning, be inspired to grow as leaders, and have their consciousness raised, which would make them more modest and compassionate. School excursions overseas are often known as “the door to the world,” since they allow pupils to venture outside of their comfort zones and learn about cultures and people that are different from their own.

True Journey School children can participate in a variety of volunteer activities in Nepal, and we also provide specially designed tours for school groups. A teacher or mentor might accompany the students on their educational journey, supporting and motivating them along the way. Our programs are accessible in various areas in Nepal.

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