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Real Journey Trekking Nepal is an arm of Volunteer Society Nepal, a Nepal based, Nepali run company that strives to provide the most unforgettable and meaningful experiences for volunteers in this beautiful Himalayan country.

Our travel and trekking service allows us to combine the two parts of our business that we enjoy most: showing off the beauty and rich culture of Nepal to foreign guests, and helping grass-roots community projects throughout the Kathmandu Valley and across Nepal.

Because we live and work in the areas we take our tourists and volunteers to, we know best how to bring maximum benefit to Nepali communities through sustainable long-term transformation, aided by the profits we receive from our business.

Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) was founded by a team of development workers, including social activists and ex-volunteers in 2004. From the early stages of development, VSN has been mobilizing international and local volunteers in various programs, providing relevant training and working experience in marginalized communities, and contributing to overall sustainable development efforts in Nepal. VSN began a concentrated effort to help develop the managerial and organizational capacities of local institutions, communities, and individuals, to increase the number of self-sustainable improvements through construction, health, environmental and education projects throughout economically disadvantaged areas of Nepal.

VSN continues to grow by the day; to date we have had volunteers helping us from more than 30 countries. Whilst volunteers are in Nepal we find that almost all of them are interested in the various activities the country has to offer, such as touring, trekking, mountain flights, jungle safari, rafting, Tibet and Bhutan tours, bungee jumping, kayaking etc.. Previously, volunteers were left to find their own tour companies and were not always getting the best service.  Having seen the problems our volunteers faced, we decided to set up our own tour and trekking company. With the help of experience Tour and Trekking experts, VSN established a trekking company called Real Journey Trekking Nepal Pvt. Ltdin 2006.

Real Journey Trekking Nepal  not only offers the most popular and wide range of hiking, trekking, peak climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting, and various tour programs but also volunteering programs such as working in teaching, health programs, working with women etc. The natural beauty and attraction of the geographical and cultural landscape enhance any activity you wish to pursue. Whether you climb to the top of the world, ride an elephant in the jungle, raft on the wild rivers, or simply volunteer at a school or orphanage, the warmth and generosity of the Nepali people makes every experience rich, fulfilling and delightful.

As we are a philanthropic tour and travel company, we use a huge percentage of our profits to fund various charitable projects. Over the past few years we have been providing food, clothing, and educational sponsorship to more than 50 orphan children. Through our women’s development project, 30 women in Kathmandu are currently receiving day to day literacy and language classes along with skill training. We are proud to have recently opened a disabled centre with a capacity of 25 children that provides services such as special education, physiotherapy and speech therapy. Along with our own health centres, we have affiliation with several hospitals throughout Nepal.

To enable our tour and trekking guests to see and experience the real Nepal, and get closer with Nepali people, we strongly encourage them to spend time at our projects with some of the local people that their money is helping.

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