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Unforgettable Experiences

On our tours you will experience Nepal, not just observe it. Together we’ll feel, smell and touch the local culture, laugh with the people and marvel at giant, snow capped peaks. We’ll discover the hidden gems of the captivating Himalayas and immerse in its ancient heritage.

You’ll experience this alluring land in a way most travellers may never have. Creating the unforgettable adventures you’ve always dreamt of is our passion.

Getting Off The Beaten Path

Real Travel is about getting off well trodden paths and leaving the modern world behind. Heading into the backcountry, stepping back in history and slowing down to Nepali time!

Nepal is the most popular trekking destination in the world making the famous trails busy in season. We specialise in treks and expeditions to lesser known regions that are just as spectacular, but have retained their ancient mystique.

Don’t worry, we still cover all the classics like Annapurna Circuit and Base Camp, Everest and many more!

Empowering People

All of your money goes directly to Nepali people, from tour leaders and guides to our office staff in Kathmandu. Furthermore, every cent of profit pours into our community partner Volunteer Society Nepal who operate and fund a range of social projects in Kathmandu.

Your booking directly funds schools, women’s empowerment programs and support for intellectually disabled youth. We’re also launching ecological sustainability programs in our schools in 2020 and creating direct employment paths through to our impact travel division at Real Travel Nepal.

Preserving Nature

Nepal experiences overtourism during peak season periods, adding to environmental pressures coming from a rapidly expanding population and development.

Our tours limit group sizes to 12 and often much less than that. All of our operations are conducted according to the Leave No Trace 7 Principles for Outdoor Conduct.

Between 2020 and 2022 we will implement a sustainability scholarship program for select students to create more awareness of the urgent need for environmental preservation in Nepal.

Meeting Local People

The allure of Nepal is unquestionable, but just as delightful is it’s people. Kind hearted, warm and friendly, they will touch your heart.

You’ll experience this first hand from our staff, tour guides and the many locals you meet. Our guides will use their insider knowledge to make the most of spontaneous opportunities to laugh and dance.

On our Impact Travel and Heritage experiences you’ll get to live like a local during a homestay and might even be invited to join family celebrations during one of the many Nepali festivals.

Our Community Partners

Real Travel Nepal, founded in November 2019, is the new commercial extension of the Volunteer Society of Nepal (VSN).
Although Real Travel Nepal is a new face, VSN have been operating foreign Volunteer & Trekking programs since 2004 and our Trekking & Tourism Manager Gelu Sherpa has been active in the sector since the 1990s. His experience includes 15 years leading group tours for German tourism operators.

Employ 100+ Local Guides

Employing more than 100 guides from most regions of Nepal, we use local businesses exclusively.

Impacting 1,100+ Families

Through VSN programs & Real Travel we impact the lives of a growing number of families.

16 Years in Service

Building community since 2004, we’ve added Impact Travel to our mission in 2020.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is the purpose of our business. All our revenues go directly to VSN in Kathmandu, less the costs of running this website, social media and marketing. 


Highly Experienced Team

We take pride in the quality of our customer service and the authenticity of our travel experiences. Between our teams in Europe and Kathmandu are decades of experience.


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