Spirit of Nepal

The Spirit of Nepal and its people will touch your heart and leave impressions and memories that will last a lifetime. Nepal has been a crossroads of civilisations for millenia and has become a melting pot of cultures and religions. The sometimes chaotic buzz of the Kathmandu metropolis is a stark contrast to the seemingly endless peacefulness and calmness of the people. There are many spiritual and cultural aspects to this fascinating country making it a wondrous place for inner journeys.


Short Tours In Buddhism

Volunteer In A Monastery

Himalayan Wellness Retreats

Customise Your Journey

Buddhism Tours

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1 to 6 Day Experiences

Visit the birthplace of The Buddha Himself, spend the night in a Buddhist Monastery and join the monks in prayer and meditation, or enjoy lunch, chats and laughs with Buddhist nuns.

Teach In A Monastery

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Volunteer With Monks

There are two monasteries we can place you with through our partners Volunteer Society of Nepal. Teach young monks English, math and other fun and practical skills the monastery cannot provide for them.

This is a full immersion in Nepalese life, living in a homestay and teaching and playing with Buddhist monks. You may join meditation and prayer rituals. Please use the form to apply and we’ll send you programs and a vetting questionnaire.

Monastery Volunteer Form

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    Teach EnglishTeach MathTeach Arts & CraftsTeach Sports & GamesProvide Medical Care

    Wellness Retreats

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    Coming Soon

    Nepal and the Himalayas are an inspiring place to go on retreat. Yoga, meditation, healthy eating, it’s all beginning to take off here. Hinduism and Buddhism have co-existed here for many centuries making it a wonderful place to experience zen-like calmness, eastern philosophy and religion.

    Combine all that with the majestic Himalayas and a vast array of experiences to be enjoyed in nature and you have an ideal destination to de-stress, lose yourself, and find yourself anew!

    We’re busy putting together some of the best Nepal has to offer, so check back soon or Sign Up for Exclusive Offers and news of these new packages when we make them available.

    Himalayan Yoga

    Customised Journeys

    Spirit of Nepal     Selection     Customised Journeys

    Your Way

    We know that all of us have different paths to tread through life. What better way to immerse in the Spirit of Nepal than your own unique voyage through this mystical land. Whatever your interest in finding your way, we’re up for it!

    Share your dreams and wishlist with us and we’ll put together an itinerary that is all about you. We’ll organise it and even leave spaces for unscripted magic to happen. Use the form to tell us your dreams and we’ll take it from there!

    Customised Journeys

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