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Your money goes directly to the Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) who operate community projects in Kathmandu and employs your tour guides, leaders and porters.

VSN was founded by Tej Shrestha in 2004, that’s Tej in the photo on the left, in November 2019 when we co-founded Real Travel Nepal.

VSN’s biggest community project is the Career Building International Academy Schools, comprised of a primary and high schools, and a pre-school for young children.

CBIA provides higher quality education with more affordable fees for children and youth of local families in Kathmandu.

Tej is CEO of the academy and our chief financial director, whose next project is another CBIA school due for completion 2022.

Tej Shrestha, Paul King and Merle Diekmann November 2019
Tej Shrestha, Paul King and Merle Diekmann November 2019

VSN Community Projects

Career Building International Academy Kathmandu Nepal

CBIA Schools

Pre-school to high school, Career Building International Academy provides higher quality education at affordable fees for 1000+ families.

VSN Women's Centre Kathmandu Nepal

Women's Centre

The Women’s Center is where local women learn to read, write, math and more. The centre provides skills training and empowerment workshops.

VSN Disabled Centre

Disabled Centre

VSN operates a disabled centre for intellectually disabled children and youth. A rare support facility for local families that enables them to work.

VSN Volunteer Program Kathmandu Nepal

Foreign Volunteers

Since 2004 VSN has attracted foreign Volunteers to partake in it’s many social projects. It is one of the premier volunteer organisations in Nepal.

Programs For 2020 to 2022

Build Another School

Commencing in 2020 and planned for completion in 2022 is another CBIA School for an additional 950 students. The success of our first academy has created demand for more places in our education system.

Sustainability Education

Overtourism and pollution are big problems for Kathmandu. We are formulating sustainability curricula to deploy in our schools. Aiming to sow the seeds of a paradigm shift at grass roots level.

Scholarship Program

Later in 2020 we launch our Sustainable Future for Nepal Scholarship Program. Select students from CBIA will undergo additional education to further the sustainable curricula and train new tourism staff.

Impact Travel Employment

As part of the sustainability curricula we will create a direct employment path for CBIA students. Our goal is to be a leading Impact Travel company in Nepal and a valued employer of young professionals.

If You Want To Make A Difference

But can’t travel to Nepal, you can make a donation directly to VSN projects through Us and we will send it to our Kathmandu team within 24 hours guaranteed.

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