How To Get Cheap Flight For Your Next Trip

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When embarking on the exciting journey of planning an international trip, one of the foremost considerations is undoubtedly the flight cost. Securing an affordable flight fare can significantly contribute to making your dream trip a reality. For those who wish to embark on a meaningful trip abroad, we understand that this opportunity may seem elusive, but fear not – we’re here to guide you on how to plan effectively and find budget-friendly flights for your life-enriching journey with Real Journey Trekking Nepal. Airlines regularly offer enticing deals, including accidentally published fares, exclusive promotions, and competitive price cuts aimed at outdoing their rivals. Additionally, the flight fares may vary according to the season and the destination.

Here is a guide on how to secure affordable airfare and maximize your savings.

Please consider being flexible with your travel dates.

Airfare costs are influenced by various factors, such as the day of the week, time of year, and upcoming holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving. For example, August is considered the peak time to travel to Europe, as many people are eager to enjoy the summer atmosphere. Similarly, Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam attract a large number of tourists during Full-moon parties and various festivities. If you plan your trip during peak vacation periods when everyone else is also on holiday, you can expect ticket prices to increase significantly. The solution to this issue lies in choosing to travel during the off-season. As a volunteer, you have the flexibility to decide when and where you want to contribute your time and effort. Real Journey Trekking Nepal offers volunteering, Tour, Trekking, Hiking programs throughout the year, allowing you to align your volunteer trip with affordable airfare availability. By planning your volunteer journey during the off-season, you can take advantage of lower ticket prices and avoid crowds, all while making a meaningful impact through your volunteer work. This strategic approach not only helps you save money but also ensures a more enriching and peaceful travel experience. Please note that each volunteering program has specific starting dates, so you can check your flights accordingly. If the rates are higher, you can consider arriving a day or two earlier. Rest assured, we can arrange accommodation for those extra days at an additional cost. Feel free to contact us, and we will assist you in planning your trip.

Please check the flight timings to find a more affordable option.

It is a consistent observation that air travel on weekdays is more economical than on weekends. Moreover, airfare is generally cheaper if you plan your travel after or on a significant holiday. Opting for early morning or late-night flights can also save you money as fewer people prefer to travel during those hours. However, flights on Fridays and Mondays are usually more expensive as these days are preferred by most business travelers.

Opt for flights that have layovers instead of direct ones.

We acknowledge the genuine thrill of reaching the desired location; however, it is worth noting that direct flights are more expensive compared to those with layovers. This is indeed a fact. Layover flights serve as a tactical approach for airlines to maximize the utilization of their aircraft. By including additional stops during the journey, airlines can effectively fill more seats on a single aircraft. This effective utilization of seats allows for the distribution of operational expenses across a larger number of passengers. As a result, airlines are able to sell more tickets, ultimately leading to a reduction in the cost of flight tickets.

It is advisable to prearrange your volunteer journey.

Planning your Trekking/ Tour/ Volunteering trip ahead of time can be a great way to save money and prepare for your journey. For optimal flight options and competitive fares, it’s recommended to book your flights approximately 2-3 months before your departure date. If you’re traveling during peak season, consider booking around five months in advance to increase your chances of securing desirable flight options.

For students who are interested in volunteering abroad, it may be worthwhile to explore potential student discounts that are commonly offered. On the other hand, professionals or corporate employees who are looking to take a break and participate in volunteer vacations can consider utilizing their credit card points or Airmiles to secure more affordable flight options. Additionally, individuals of all backgrounds can consider incorporating a detour into their travel plans to maximize their experiences.

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