Heritage of Nepal

‘Go local’ and discover authentic Nepal, a melting pot of cultures and religions. Connect with the local heritage, history, architecture and cuisine. Explore Nepal with our bite-sized cultural tours and experiences or combine them to create your own unique Nepal holiday itinerary. In-depth experiences including homestays, day tours, history, temples, monasteries, cooking, city sightseeing and photography. Travel like a local and support local families.




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Heritage     Selection    Kathmandu

City Of Temples

Hinduism and Buddhism have co-existed in Kathmandu valley for millenia giving rise to a rich and colourful heritage. Kathmandu boasts a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath and Pashupatinath.

Kathmandu has been the centre of Nepal’s history, art, culture, and economy for many years. Religious and cultural festivals form a major part of day to day life and are a sight to behold for visitors to this often chaotic but charming Himalayan city.


Heritage     Selection    Bhaktapur

City of Devotees

Bhaktapur is a cultural highlight in Nepal with the best preserved old city and palace courtyards, hosting an ancient lifestyle with many festivals.

Famous for Pottery Square, the Durbar Square (Palace) dating to the 12th century, and the iconic pagoda style temples that characterise the skyline. Marvel at the vibrancy of the local people as they celebrate ancient festivals in vivid, colours, smells and flavours.

Like A Local

Spirit of Nepal     Selection    Like A Local

Cultural Gems

We’re putting together a great list of day and shorter activities you can do in Kathmandu and Pokhara to make for some really relaxed, yet culturally immersive days. Not that we’re going to ruin the surprise here!

It’ll be cool though, experiences and some new skills you can take home with you. Learn it and do it like a local will be the theme!

Traditional Dancer

Custom Trips

Spirit of Nepal     Selection     Custom Trips

Discover It Your Way

We know that there are so many things you want to experience, especially as you’ll be spending your hard earned money and vacation time. You want to spend your time doing what you want to do and have a wishlist you want to tick off.

We get it and we’re here to help you craft the holiday you want to have, not what’s easiest for us. Spill the beans on your wishlist and we’ll get cracking working out the best deals, taking care of the logistics and working in some magic!

If you want to combine heritage experiences and the adventure stuff too, no problem, it’ll be our pleasure to collaborate with you until we’ve pieced together your ultimate lifetime experience of Nepal.

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