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Severe Economic Hardship Under COVID-19

An alarming situation is unfolding in Nepal now (5th May 2020). Economic hardship is being experienced by people the world over, particularly in regions heavily reliant on tourism. Nepal is a majestically beautiful country, its people stewards of the Himalayas, but it remains the poorest nation in South Asia and the twelfth poorest worldwide.

Similar to other impoverished nations, Nepal does not have any substantial economic safety nets, nor is it in the position to offer bailouts and financial rescue packages. Reliant on the influx of currency from tourism and workers abroad, combined with high volumes of raw material imports, Nepal’s economic situation has been hugely impacted by COVID-19:

  • Tourism and hospitality sectors have collapsed immediately wiping out nearly 10% of GDP.
  • More than 25% of GDP in 2019 came in the form of labour migrants remittances sent back into the country, which has slumped to just 1% of GDP in the last two months.
  • Retail and hospitality construction projects and investments are frozen and are devaluing rapidly leaving the finance sector heavily exposed.
  • Wholesale and retail sectors source majority of raw materials from China which has almost entirely ceased.
  • Employment rates have fallen drastically and are insufficient to sustain local communities for an extended long term economic cessation.

About Us

Volunteer Society Nepal was founded in 2004 by Tej Shrestha who is also the Director of The Everest Foundation Nepal and CEO of the Career Building International Academy Schools.

VSN is a registered charity in Nepal: SWC:41866

VSN is a registered company in Nepal: 49680/064/065

VSN is a registered tour operator in Nepal: Reg No: 946

Head Office:
Purano Sinamangal, Kathmandu – 35
G.P.O Box: 8975, EPC: 1589, Nepal

Real Travel Nepal was founded in November 2019 by Paul King and Merle Diekmann of Eco Freelance Solutions, and Tej Shrestha the Founder of Volunteer Society Nepal. It is a commercial extension of VSN, all revenues go directly to VSN minus a commission to process bookings, operate and maintain this website and all associated social media and marketing channels.

Head Office:
Tangstedt, 22889
Hamburg, Germany

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We’ve combined some volunteer programs with iconic classic treks so you can travel with purpose.

Go to our Impact Travel page to see how you can volunteer with us;

  • Women’s Groups
  • Special Needs
  • Child Care
  • Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy
  • Train, Teach or Assist in Schools
  • Manual Work/Construction
  • Medical Care
  • Elderly Care
  • Monastery
  • Groups and Family Volunteering

Day To Day Living

Nepal has a large number of day workers and homeless who rely on the opportunistic work available on the fringes of tourism, construction and agriculture. Five weeks into COVID-19 these people are struggling for their survival, access to food and clean drinking water is at a premium and survival is only possible due to the nominal aid offered by the government and the support of local communities.

Vulnerable people throughout Nepal and particularly in Kathmandu, are on the edge of a socio-economic disaster as government aid and local community support is fast running out. They need assistance now.

Volunteer Society Nepal

Our projects and staff survive because of tourism and volunteer labour and financial contributions. Under lockdown our revenue has evaporated and we will not be able to operate our special needs and women’s centres any longer.

Underprivileged families rely on us for food aid, basic health care and free education, all of which we are struggling to maintain.

Furthermore, the 70 teaching and non-teaching staff employed in our Career Building International Academy Schools are totally reliant on their school salaries to support their families. As we are diverting funds towards getting food and water to those most in need, our funds are depleting fast and we need urgent financial assistance.

VSN Disabled Centre


Feed 5 people in 5 minutes, that’s all the time it takes for you to make a donation to get food and water to those on the brink in Nepal. Send just €/£/$10 and 5 people will survive another day.

All donations, minus the fees paid to the Donorbox platform and Paypal, go directly to our charity The Volunteer Society of Nepal in Kathmandu and will be used to provide basic survival needs for as many people as possible.

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